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CLR® Brands Grease Magnet®

CLR Brands Grease Magnet is a fast-acting, powerful cleaner formulated to quickly clean stubborn oil, grease and tar from cement, terrazzo, stone floors, blacktop, sidewalks, driveways, motors, garage floors, barbeque grills and pool decks.  CLR Brands Grease Magnet will not harm grass, shrubs, or surrounding vegetation.

To get rid of a stain, sweep the area clean of heavy dirt as well as dust and then test a small, hidden area of the surface first before cleaning the entire stain.  When cleaning the spot, pour or brush full strength CLR Brands Grease Magnet onto an area no larger than 12" x 12".  Depending on size and difficulty of the stain, let the solution soak for one to five minutes.  Finally, clean the area with a brush or broom until the stain is loosened and rinse at once with cool, clean water.

Look for CLR Brands Grease Magnet in these sizes:
CLR Brands Grease Magnet is sold in a 42 oz. bottle and 26 oz. spray bottle.

CLR Brands Grease Magnet

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