CLR ® Brands and Tarn-X ® Brands Family of Products

CLR Brands is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of household cleaning products, including CLR Brands and Tarn-X Brands family of cleaners.  CLR Brands products include CLR Brands Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover, CLR Brands Bath & Kitchen Cleaner, CLR Brands Grease Magnet, CLR Brands Metal Clear, CLR Brands Outdoor Furniture Cleaner, CLR Brands Power Plumber and CLR Brands Septic System Treatment.  With their unique formulas, the CLR Brands get the cleaning job done in virtually every area of the home.  Our recently introduced products including CLR Brands BBQ Grill Cleaner, CLR Brands Mold & Mildew Remover, CLR Brands Stain Magnet, CLR Brands Stone Cleaner and CLR Brands Stainless Steel Cleaner are designed with the modern home in mind.  The Tarn-X Brands family of products include the iconic Tarn-X Brands Tarnish Remover as well as Tarn-X Brands Silver Polish and Tarn-X Brands Jewelry Cleaner.

CLR Brands Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover CLR Brands Bath & Kitchen Cleaner CLR Brands BBQ Grill Cleaner CLR Brands Grease Magnet
Tarn-X Brands Tarnish Remover Tarn-X Brands Silver Polish    

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