How to clean your grill

My buddy Garrett always waits until the last minute for everything!  It’s almost summer and now he is finally asking me how to get his grill really clean.  I told him that he could get his grill looking like new with CLR® BBQ Grill Cleaner

Before beginning to clean, I told him to examine his grill for heavy deposits of grease and to scrape off as much as possible.  To remove the grease on his grill rack, I told him, while wearing rubber gloves, to soak the grate in CLR BBQ Grill Cleaner and allow the solution to sit on the racks for about five minutes or until he sees the grease running off of the grate. Then he was to scrub the rack with a stiff bristled brush and rinse the grate with clean water from his hose. To clean the grease from his drip pan, he needed to spray the pan liberally with CLR BBQ Grill Cleaner and use a stiff bristled brush to scrub the pan.  If there was still residue, he needed to repeat the process and, once he was done, rinse the pan with clean water from the hose. 

Finally, to clean the outside of his grill, he sprayed the grill with CLR BBQ Grill Cleaner wiped it down with a sponge and rinsed the grill with his hose.  Before and after cleaning, to keep his grass and shrubs safe, he watered everything within the cleaning area with cold water from his hose.

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