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A behind-the-scenes peek at the making of the latest CLR Commercials
March 21, 2018
How do you coordinate more than 40 cast and crew in order to produce seven TV commercials in five days? Very carefully, as the old saying goes. It really takes a lot of planning and a little luck.
Tips for Spring Cleaning Success
March 15, 2018

The science is clear. A clean house is good for your health, both physically and psychologically. No matter how often you clean, every house needs a deep clean every so often and spring is one of the best times to get started. So, put on your old clothes and pull out your cleaning supplies and get started. These easy cleaning tips will help you make you and your house feel like new again.

How to fix a clogged dishwasher
November 08, 2017
Tami from Lansing, Michigan was beside herself when a repairman told her that she would have to replace her relatively new dishwasher. “Hello CLR!!! I'm a believer!