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The better alternative to the hazardous cleaning and maintenance chemicals—Safer for students, staff, and the earth.

Avoid sick days resulting from poor air quality or exposure to harsh chemicals. Using EPA Certified Safer Choice cleaning products helps create a safer, healthier environment for students and staff. Not only does it create a better environment, but it helps save time with easy to use products that work right the first time. 

Easy to use: Ready to use products eliminate the need for complicated dilution equipment and extensive training, while reducing the risk of accidental exposure.

Proven effective. The formulations of CLR PRO® line of products have a 50-year track record of top-performing cleaning power, from removing stubborn stains to everyday cleaning.

Cleans all areas. Reduce the number of chemicals on-site with multi-surface and multi-application cleaners. From kitchens and cafeterias to parking lots and gyms, CLR PRO® has solutions to quickly and safely clean all areas of your school. 

Safe ingredients. Custodians are particularly susceptible to health problems from frequent exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals. CLR PRO® products contain no harsh chemicals, like ammonia, phosphates, or alcohol. And are readily biodegradable, non-corrosive*, non-abrasive, and have little-to-no VOCs.

Supports sustainability goals: Many of the CLR PRO® products carry the EPA Safer Choice label, which helps meet LEED standards.

*Please see individual products for a list of ingredients. **When used as directed.

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CLR PRO® Calcium, Lime, Rust TDS

CLR PRO® Grease Magnet TDS

CLR PRO® Commercial Drain Line TDS

CLR PRO® Metal Cleaner TDS

CLR® Stainless Steel TDS

CLR PRO® Calcium, Lime, Rust Sell Sheet

CLR PRO® Grease Magnet Sell Sheet

CLR PRO® Commercial Drain Line Sell Sheet

CLR PRO® Metal Cleaner Sell Sheet

CLR® Stainless Steel Sell Sheet