How to clean bathtub funk

Cleaning Tough Bathtub Stains

Bathtub stains that won't go away only get worse. Erin from Upland, Indiana was grossed out by her tub for way too long before CLR® Brilliant Bath cut through the funk.

“I just wanted to thank you for an awesome product. I have lived in my rental home for 3 years now and I’ve battled cleaning bathtub funk the whole time. I have used everything for bathtubs and nothing worked. I purchased CLR Brilliant Bath yesterday not expecting any difference but WOW I am amazed! Thank you for a great American-made product and for giving me my tub back!”

We're thrilled we could help Erin out, but three years is a long time to bathe in that much funk. We don't want you to go that long before removing your tub's tough stains. 

How to Remove Stains from the Bathtub

using CLR Brilliant Bath

  • Put on rubber cleaning gloves
  • Remove all items from the tub (toys, mats, loofahs, etc.)
  • Spray CLR Brilliant Bath directly on the bathtub's surface
  • Allow the foam to sit for 2 minutes
  • Wipe the surface with a clean, damp sponge or cloth
  • Rinse with cold water 
    (Do not let the solution sit on any surface for more than 2 minutes)
  • If the stain persists, repeat the process
Always read label instructions before use.
CLR Brilliant Bath cuts through calcium, lime, soap buildup and dirt not only in your tub but throughout your bathroom, and your kitchen, too. This hard-working product does not contain any phosphates, ammonia or bleach. It was formulated using a proprietary blend of ingredients in cooperation with the EPA so it's safer for your family and the environment.