How to Wash a BBQ Grill

Keeping your BBQ grill clean not only ensures delicious and safe cooking but also extends its lifespan. Discover the benefits of using Clean & Ready Grill, a dedicated solution to cut through tough grease and make your grill shine like new.

My buddy Garrett always waits until the last minute for everything! It’s almost summer and he is finally asking me the best way to clean a grill. I told him that he could make his grill look brand new with Clean & Ready Grill.

These are the steps for the best way to clean a grill. They worked for Garrett and they'll work for you, too!

How to Clean a BBQ Grill using Clean & Ready Grill

  1. Spray any grass or shrubs near the grill with clean water from the hose
  2. Put on rubber cleaning gloves
  3. Cleaning the Cooking Grate
  4. Using a grill brush, scrape any heavy deposits of grease
  5. Soak the cooking grate in Clean & Ready Grill 
  6. Wait 5 minutes or until you see grease running off the grate
  7. Scrub the grate with the grill brush 
  8. Rinse the grate and brush with clean water from the hose

Cleaning the Drip Pan

  1. Spray the pan liberally with Clean & Ready Grill 
  2. Wait 5 minutes
  3. Scrub the pan with the grill brush
  4. Rinse the pan and brush with clean water

Cleaning the Outside of the Grill 

  1. Spray the grill with Clean & Ready Grill 
  2. Wait 2 minutes
  3. Wipe the grill down with a clean, damp sponge
  4. Rinse the grill and sponge with clean water
  5. Spray the grass and shrubs in the area with clean water again
Repeat these steps as needed until your grill is clean.

Always read label instructions before use.