How to clean your washing machine

John from Shawnee, Oklahoma was facing an expensive repair bill when someone told him about CLR® Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover. “I had a washer that was not working very well. It was gonna cost $200 to $300 to fix. Someone told me about CLR Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover. I ran it through the machine and it did the trick in 15 minutes. Great product does what it says! Thank you.”

CLR could be fixing a poorly running washing machine. John had the right idea. Before you spend the money on major repairs for your washing machine, running CLR through your washer could solve your problems. Depending on whether you have a front or top loading machine, your directions for adding CLR are different. In both cases, though, do not use detergent or have clothes in the washer when you are cleaning with CLR. With a top loading machine, run your machine up to the main wash cycle and just before the machine starts to agitate, stop the machine. Add a ½ cup of CLR into the tub of the machine and finish the cycle.

When cleaning front loading machines, though, you need to change how you add CLR. In front loading washing machines, the door locks once you begin the cycle. As a way around this issue, add a ½ cup of CLR to the machine where you normally would add your detergent or softener and run your washing machine.

With both types of washers, once the cycle with the CLR has finished, run an additional full cycle with just water. If your machine is high efficiency or “water saver” only use ¼ cup of CLR.