How to clear a clog

A slow draining bathtub can make your family’s life miserable. Kelly from McHenry Illinois was so excited after CLR® Clog-Free Drain unclogged her drain that she broke into song!
“Thank you! I LITERALLY just sang the ‘Hallelujah Chorus.’ I was skeptical, but my tub drain was so bad and I already tried a ton of chemicals and a snake. I finally decided I’d have to give up and call a plumber when I saw CLR Clog-Free Drain at Meijer and decided it didn’t hurt to try. That clog that I’ve easily spent at least $60 on, that made showers miserable for weeks, was gone in SECONDS. I’m so, so impressed. Again, thank you!”
A drain that doesn’t drain, isn’t a drain at all. If your tub or sink won’t empty out as quickly as it should, CLR Clog-Free Drain can help you just like it helped Kelly.

How to Unclog a Drain

using CLR Clog-Free Drain

  • Place a stopper in the drain
  • Fill tub or sink with 6–7 inches of water — enough to completely cover the CLR Clog-Free Drain cap
  • Remove the stopper
  • Block the overflow with a damp sponge or cloth and hold firmly
  • Place the can’s cap over the drain opening and press firmly for 1 second
Always read label instructions before use. 
Repeat these steps if necessary, to unclog your drain. If the block is not cleared after the third attempt, contact a professional plumber.

Plumber in a Can

CLR Clog-Free Drain clears almost all household clogged or sluggish drains in seconds! It is safe to use on all sound plumbing and works on almost any clog including hair, grease, food, soap build-up and more.

The Compressed Gas Difference

CLR Clog-Free Drain is different than other drain openers. Our plumbing product relies on compressed gas to clear drains to unclog stubborn blockages. When the formula in the can is released and comes in contact with water in your drain, it expands rapidly creating a standing wave. Clog-Free Drain uses the force of the water in your pipes to push the blockage through and clear the walls of your pipes. It’s strong enough to clear clogs up to 50 feet away!