Survey Shows Impact That Music Has On Cleaning

Music affects the human brain like no other mammal. Whether you’re listening to the pop, folksy rock of Ed Sheeran or the Latin rhythms of Santana, when you listen to music, it triggers the release of the “pleasure chemical” dopamine that helps make even the most mundane tasks enjoyable. Eighty percent of Americans say they listen to music while cleaning, according to a new survey commissioned by Jelmar, cleaning product manufacturer of the CLR and Tarn-X lines.

It puts them in the right mindset to make cleaning magic happen. The right cleaning tools are essential, a cleaning helper would be helpful, but music is what motivates and will get you moving.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Music has its proven positive benefits and affects shown in mood and emotions, productivity and focus, learning and memory, and more. So, it’s no surprise that nearly all musical cleaners (94 percent) report positive feelings associated with listening to music while cleaning. Two-thirds (66 percent) say music even makes their cleaning tasks more enjoyable.  


“At Jelmar, our purpose is to develop effective cleaning solutions to help ease the effort put into cleaning the gunk and grime in your home,” said Alison Gutterman, CEO of Jelmar. “But, we were excited to identify what other support people may need to get the job done quick and easy, and music is such an energizing and motivating helper.” 


The self-identified musical cleaners responding to the survey stated they most typically turn the tunes to rock, pop or country music while cleaning. To help musical cleaners continue grooving while removing grime, Jelmar has created a set of music playlists on Spotify in tune to their interests. The playlists include top genres for musical cleaners, cleaning-themed music and fun music so the whole household can get involved.  


Additional survey highlights include: 

 • Half (52 percent) of musical cleaners have special music for cleaning or say that music is important to their cleaning routine. 

 • Nearly all musical cleaners (92 percent) note at least one chore that is most enjoyable with music. Most commonly, cleaning tasks in food service areas (67 percent) or cleaning floors (66 percent)