An important statement from our President, Alison Gutterman.

Jelmar has helped our customers fight the clean fight for more than 50 years. Under no circumstances should our products be ingested or injected into the human body or used topically. Please follow the usage instructions on our product labels. The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to COVID-19. Wash your hands, stay at home, practice social distancing and listen to the advice of public health experts. We wish you and your family health and happiness during this difficult time.

For more information on how our products are intended to be used, visit our product page.
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Prepping your home for winter

If you want to make your spring cleaning easier, start cleaning in the fall. Cleaning your windows and screens will let the sun shine in and brighten your home all winter long. A clean humidifier filter will help keep your home more comfortable while your furnace is running. You can even start getting ready for summer fun by cleaning your outdoor furniture and golf clubs. Check out our fall cleaning page for these and other cleaning ideas.