Preparing Your Business For Changing Generations In The Workforce
October 05, 2018
During a recent office meeting, a “kid” in his twenties took out his phone and started tapping away. My first reaction? I was offended. After the meeting, we cleared the air. He was...
My Experience as an Undercover CEO
September 24, 2018
I love watching episodes of “Undercover Boss.” Yes, it’s a little formulaic at times, but it serves a tremendous purpose for those of us leading customer-facing corporations...
It's Time To Get Serious About Educating Women Around The World
September 14, 2018
The world has seen significant progress over the years, but there is one area that still leaves much to be desired: women’s education. Across the globe, women continue to suffer from...
Kermit the Frog Was Right: It's Not Easy Being Green, but It's the Right Choice for Your Business
August 17, 2018
In the mid-2000s, eco-conscious companies faced a substantial conundrum: Should they design products that were green but not effective or effective but not green? Basically, those were the choices...
Dreading Summer? Here's How Working Parents Can Make Summer Fun Again
July 12, 2018
Watch any kids on the last day of school, and you’ll see total bliss as they focus on their immediate futures. Pools. Beaches. Carnivals. Unhealthy foods. A three-month sabbatical lies before...
How I Find the Balance Between Family Legacy and a Sound Business Decision
June 25, 2018
Six weeks after graduating college, my father presented me with a rare gift: an application for a women’s clothing store in a northern Chicago suburb. The job turned out to be one...
Challenges, Advice and Inspiration from a Woman Business Owner
April 23, 2018
Interview with Alison Gutterman, President & CEO of Jelmar, LLC. As published in Women Owned, Women Who Own It
Fathers Passing the Baton to Daughters: How Succession Planning Happens in Family-Run Organizations
April 19, 2018
It’s doubtful that my dad thought I would run the family business when I was a little girl dancing on his feet in our kitchen. In fact, the topic of succession with my sister and me never...
5 Things That Helped Me Become a Better Leader This Year
December 19, 2017
Ever notice how full of contradictions the holiday season seems to be? On the one hand, it’s a time filled with all manner of warm, fuzzy, happy things: family togetherness, gift giving...
Why Every Woman Business Leader Needs a Great Group of Female Friends
November 29, 2017
Many women have an amazing group of friends they can always count on to help them be the best version of themselves—to push them when they need to be pushed, or pull them back when they&rsquo...
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