CLR® Bath & Kitchen Cleaner

CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner is a multi-purpose and multi-surface cleaner that has a powerful foam spray formulated to quickly cut through dirt, calcium, lime, hard water deposits and soap scum. Use CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner on most kitchen and bath surfaces including: ceramic tile, shower doors, sinks, bathtubs, white grout & caulk, toilet bowls, fiberglass and kitchen countertops. CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner will not remove rust and do not use on vinyl, marble, mirrors, plastic laminates, wood, fabrics, painted surfaces, colored grout or wall coverings.

CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner is part of the EPA’s Safer Choice Program recognizing the product as a safer alternative to chemicals and contains no phosphates, ammonia or bleach. 

Look for CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner in these sizes: 26 oz. spray

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How To Use

Instantly removes calcium, lime and hard water deposits, soap scum, discoloration and dirt. Spot test all surfaces in an inconspicuous area. Use on plastic, ceramic tile, sealed granite, glass, stainless steel, faucet and shower fixtures, shower doors, fiberglass, toilet bowls and sinks.

DO NOT USE on natural or synthetic marble, mirrors, wood, colored grout, wall coverings, painted surfaces, plastic laminates or fabrics. Contains no alcohol, phosphates, ammonia or bleach. Septic Safe.  

1. Rotate nozzle to ON position. On initial use, turn the front of the nozzle into the ‘ON’ position, depress the trigger all the way back to the neck of the bottle 3-5 times consecutively.
2. Spray 6-8 inches from surface to be cleaned.
3. Let CLR® Bath & Kitchen Cleaner work before wiping surface with damp sponge, cloth or brush.
4. After 2-3 minutes rinse promptly and thoroughly with cold, clean water. Avoid prolonged contact with any surface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner be used on colored grout?
No. It is only safe to use on white grout. If used on colored grout it will lighten the grout color over time or discolor.
Can I use CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner on granite?
Our CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner can safely be used on granite to remove hard water deposits and stains. Granite is the ONLY natural stone that our CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner can be used on.
Can CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner be used on marble or synthetic marble?
No. The active ingredients in CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner will have a reaction with the marble.
Can I clean my glass shower doors with CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner?
Yes. Our CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner is safe and effective on the glass only (avoid any contact with the frame, trim or track of the door, as these are usually made of aluminum) part of a shower door. The best way to apply it to the glass is to spray some CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner into a damp cloth or sponge and apply it to the affected stained areas of the glass. After 2 minutes, take a clean sponge/cloth and clear cold water to remove the solution. Do not spray the doors as you will get the product on materials it's not intended to be used on.
Can I clean my vinyl siding with CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner?
Yes. You can use CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner on vinyl siding as long as it is diluted and is thoroughly rinsed off of the surface in under two minutes. Studies have shown that the top coating of the siding will be affected if full strength CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner is left on the surface for five minutes or longer.
Can I mix CLR & CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner?
No. The two products have different ingredients and, as is true with any cleaner, should never be mixed with another cleaner.
Can I use CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner in the washing machine or dishwasher to get rid of rust and lime deposits?
No, CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner should not be used in the washing machine or dishwasher. The detergents in the product may foam excessively when agitated. Use CLR in the gray bottle for these applications. The CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner does not contain the ingredient necessary to remove rust, only our CLR in the gray container does.
Can I use CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner on my faucets?
The CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner can be used on faucets made of chrome or stainless steel and should not be used on any other finishes including, but not limited to bronze, oil rubbed bronze, nickel, brushed nickel, brass or copper.
Can I use CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner on my one-piece shower enclosure?
Only if the shower enclosure does not have a synthetic coating on it. Be sure to test a small, hidden area before cleaning the entire shower and wipe dry to check for any adverse effects.
Can I use CLR Bath & Kitchen to clean my pet bowls?
Yes, CLR is great for cleaning pet bowls from food grime and water deposits! Spray CLR Bath & Kitchen to affected area of ceramic, stainless steel or plastic bowl. Leave on for 2 minutes using a sponge or scouring pad to assist in removal of stains, then rinse thoroughly with cold water. While our product is non-toxic we recommend washing the bowls prior to putting food or water back in them.
How do I use CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner?
Always use CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner in a well-ventilated area while wearing household rubber gloves and test a hidden area of the surface before beginning to clean. When cleaning, apply the solution to a clean damp cloth, sponge, brush or directly to the surface to be cleaned, allow the foam time to work and then rinse with clean, cold water. Never leave the solution on a surface for more than two or three minutes. If the stain persists, repeat the process. Do not use CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner with other cleaners or bleach. Never reuse the bottle when it is empty.
Is CLR Bath & Kitchen safe on acrylic?
Yes, CLR Bath & Kitchen is perfectly safe for acrylic. Follow the directions on the bottle and be sure to rinse after 2-3 minutes.
Is there a difference between CLR in the gray bottle and CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner in the yellow spray bottle?
Although they both come from the fine CLR family, they are formulated differently and solve different cleaning problems. See each product label for recommended uses along with the helpful information provided throughout our web site.
What other surfaces should I not use CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner on when cleaning?
Do not use on stone, mirrors, plastic laminates, wood, fabrics, painted surfaces or wall coverings.

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Donna from Mesa Arizona contacted me to compliment us on how well CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner cleaned her kitchen counters. “My eight year old granite counters look new! They have been dingy almost to the point of looking dirty. Just one application of the foam spray has restored the original luster. Thanks!”
Donna Mesa, AZ
Jodi from Omaha Nebraska made me feel great about my cleaning habits with the email I received from her. “We built our home 8+ years ago. In those 8 years, I have probably cleaned the showers 10 times (gross, I know). Since I volunteered to host a weekend family gathering, my husband and I started whipping the house into shape early September - this included cleaning the showers. The floor of my husband's shower was discolored from the stains on his feet from flip flops and mine was hard water stained. I had tried using multiple cleaners, but nothing worked. My sister recommended CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner with a rough textured sponge and that worked like a charm! In fact, the first thing my aunt said to me Saturday morning was "do you wipe your shower down every day?" When I told her "no, I clean with CLR BK" she said "it looks brand new." I highly recommend using CLR and have spread the word to all my friends and family. Thank you CLR BK for making our showers clean and like new again! I will never clean our showers with any other product!”
Jodi Omaha, NE
We just received a ringing endorsement from Linda in Boynton Beach, Florida. She said, “I thought I had tried everything on the market to clean my glass shower doors from the soap and hard water that left it so unattractive. Then I found CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner in Target this week. I was amazed at how clean my glass doors were after a lot less effort. The results were amazing and my home will not be without this product ever again.”
Linda Boynton Beach, FL

CLR® Bath & Kitchen Cleaner Contains: 

  • Water CAS #7732-18-5 
  • Lactic Acid CAS #79-33-4
  • Lauramine Oxide CAS #1643-20-5
  • Tripropylene Glycol n-Butyl Ether CAS #55934-93-5
  • Fragrance (ingredients may include those found at
You can obtain more information on ingredients by using the CAS Registry Number® included next to each substance. This numeric identifier is designated to a single substance and can be used to explore a wealth of additional information about that substance.