How to clean bathtub funk

Erin from Upland, Indiana has been dealing with a problem for the last 3 years in her rental home. “I just wanted to thank you for an awesome product. I have lived in my rental home for 3 years now and I’ve battled Cleaning bathtub funk the whole time. I have used everything for bathtubs and nothing worked. I purchased CLR® Bath & Kitchen Cleaner yesterday not expecting any difference but WOW I am amazed! I used it on the trouble spots last night just sprayed and went to bed…woke up to a different tub! Thank you for a great American made product and for giving me my tub back!

Living with a filthy tub for 3 years Erin could not have been very pleasant. I’m glad we were able to help you clean the funk. CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner cuts through calcium, lime, soap buildup and dirt not only in your tub, but throughout your bathroom as well as in your kitchen. Our formula is effective on sinks, chrome fixtures, stainless steel as well as the sliding door to your shower. Just make sure you do not use our cleaner on aluminum, vinyl, marble, mirrors, plastic laminates, wood, fabrics, painted surfaces, colored grout or wall coverings.

The formula for CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner was designed in cooperation with the EPA for safer chemistry for your health and that of the environment. We have created a green product that does not contain any phosphates, ammonia or bleach and instead uses a proprietary blend of ingredients which is more environmentally safe and healthier than conventional cleaning formulations.

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