How to clean your boat seats

When you own a boat the interior is always exposed to moisture and is subject to mold and mildew.

We received an email from a gentleman in Traverse City Michigan after he used CLR® Mold & Mildew Clear. “I had to clean up the boat before storing it last weekend. After trying a bleach based formula with no luck I bought the CLR brand cleaner. The CLR Mold & Mildew Clear was the only one that worked well on the vinyl seats and luckily NO SMELL!”I am happy that CLR Mold & Mildew Clear was able to clean your vinyl seats. Our stain remover is a bleach-free formula designed to eliminate tough mold and mildew surface stains from a variety of surfaces.

CLR Mold & Mildew Clear can be used in your bathroom, kitchen and basement on painted walls, ceramic tile, hardwood floors and baseboards as well as fabrics. The foam sprayer was designed to give you a more direct application of our cleaner which will prevent splash back as well as spores from spreading in the air.