Simple tips to prepare for the holidays

Now that the leaves have fallen and the smell of frost is in the air, it's time to prepare your home for a warm and cozy holiday feel. For many people, the holidays mean a house full of guests. With work, kids in school, and a to-do list a mile long, that can cause plenty of added stress. But don’t worry, we’ve put together a few simple steps to get your home prepared for the holidays.

Start with a decluttering

Take a moment to look around your home. Start with one room at a time and bring a box or basket, even a laundry basket will do to collect odds and ends. Remove any unnecessary papers, and piles of clutter that has multiplied due to your busy schedule—organizers and bins make this chore easy. If you need to find an out-of-the-way place to hide a few items, don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. Once that is done, then start the real cleaning. 

Time to Clean

The best way to start your holiday preparations is with a clean house. It is always better to start from the top and work your way down. CLR® Brilliant Bath is a powerful multi-purpose cleaner that will clean everything from stovetops and countertops in the kitchen to toilets and tile in your bathrooms. For stubborn grease and grime, use CLR® Grease-Free. It’s fast-acting, formula quickly breaks down grease to remove even the toughest stains quickly and easily without scrubbing. And don’t forget about your garbage disposal. Leftover food waste residue can cause foul odors. CLR® Fresh & Clean Garbage Foaming deep cleans your disposal’s inner workings leaving a fresh, clean scent. 

Decorate with holiday cheer. 

First impressions set the mood. Create a space in your entryway that welcomes guests such as a rug and place to put wet shoes—especially if it snows where you are. Perhaps some fuzzy fun socks that can easily be picked up for under $5 a pair or go to your nearest Dollar Store. Think of bringing the feeling of “Home” to your guests by creating a coffee, tea, and/or cocoa station that guests can help themselves to whatever beverage they want. 

Create a welcoming feeling by bringing in seasonal scents. 

Pine, cinnamon, clove, oranges, or citrus anything can elevate the mood of anyone visiting your home. The smells of the season can be easily created with candles such as pine, evergreen, cinnamon, or vanilla. If you are worried about little hands getting too close to the flames, you should try a quick DIY project with potpourri, a mason jar, and a string of holiday lights. Take the jar, and remove the top and place a string of holiday lights such as the short ones for a mini tree; then add the potpourri in your favorite holiday scent. Replace the lid or add a piece of lace to cover the top and then screw the metal cap back on. Not only can this be used as a decorative piece when you plug it in, but you can use the heat of the lights to bring to life the smells of the holiday. This makes a wonderful gift to give to friends as well. 

Add Sparkle and Shine

What better way to make a welcoming touch than to add a little sparkle to the holiday decor and tables. Now is the time to listen to mom or grandma when they remind you to clean the silver. Whether you’re removing tarnish from silverware, jewelry, or just want to add extra luster to your keep-sake ornaments, Tarn-X Tarnish Remover makes cleaning easy with a quick wipe and rinse. When you are done, your tables and tree will shine and sparkle like new and bring everyone together to marvel at how beautiful everything looks.  

Lights that bring it all together. 

If there is anything that brings out the warmth of the holidays, it would be the lighting. There is such a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from it may be hard to decide. For indoors, to help create a unified look, its best to stick with either multi-colored lights or strings of one or two colors. And remember, if you have little hands or a new puppy around, you may want to keep your special ornaments and decorations out of reach. For outdoors, hanging lights can be tricky and dangerous. If you don’t have the time or the desire to mess with them, colored spot or laser lights can be just as beautiful. No ladders, no hassle — just point the lights toward your home’s facade, and you get thousands of red and green twinkles in an instant.

Enjoy the moment.

Remember these simple steps you took to make this holiday special. As your guests marvel at your decorations, enjoy the moment. It’s your chance to shine from all the compliments. Enjoy the Season!