CLR PRO<sup>&reg;</sup> Heavy Duty Radiator Flush and Cleaner package

CLR PRO® Heavy Duty Radiator Flush and Cleaner

Formulated to remove heavy scale buildup and rust in later model radiators.  It removes more scale in 10 minutes than competitive products do in 3 hours*. 

  • Heavy duty to extend the life of vehicles.
  • Removes 10x more scale buildup than the leading product*.
  • Contains no phosphates, ammonia or bleach.
  • Safe for employees.

*Proven in third-party tests. Based on 30 minute flush with average 3 gallon radiator

Available In:
  • 1 Gallon

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CLR PRO® Automotive Radiator Flush Demonstration

Product ingredients

Water Dilutent: CAS #7732-18-5
Dilutent: CAS #7732-18-5. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water treatment process that removes contaminants from water by passing the water through a membrane, (filter), where contaminants are filtered out yielding more pure quality water.
Lactic Acid Chelating Agent: CAS #79-33-4.
Chelating Agent: CAS #79-33-4. Lactic acid is found in many yogurts and cheeses.  It is also produced in the muscles during intense activity.  Commercially, it is produced by fermentation of simple sugars.  In cleaning products it functions as a chelating agent; a compound that makes metals more soluble in water. 
Gluconic Acid Chelating Agent: CAS #526-95-4.
Chelating Agent: CAS #526-95-4. This ingredient is an acid formed from the sugar glucose, which naturally occurs in fruit, honey and wine. It is a chelating agent; a compound that makes metals more soluble in water.
Lauramine Oxide Surfactant: CAS #1643-20-5.
Surfactant: CAS #1643-20-5. Used in cleaners to modify the surface tension of water, to aid in even spreading and to allow mixing with oil and dirt so that they can be rinsed away; it is included in many soaps, detergents, and several groups of antiseptics.
Tripropylene Glycol n-Butyl Ether Solvent: CAS #55934-93-5.
Solvent: CAS #55934-93-5. Used to slow down the evaporation of many liquid products including oven cleaners and inks for ball-point and felt-tip pens. It is very effective at absorbing organic material.

California CPRKA Designated Lists 
(12) US NTP Reproductive or Developmental Toxicants. 
(16) California NLs.
(18) California TACs.
(20) California Non-Cancer Hazards.

Yellow No. 5 Colorent: CAS #1934-21-0.
Colorent: CAS #1934-21-0. A synthetic lemon yellow dye used all over the world, primarily as food coloring.
Acid Blue No.1 Colorent: CAS #3844-45-9.
Colorent: CAS #3844-45-9. A blue dye used for foods and other substances.

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