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Safe, effective, and fast acting cleaning solutions for facilities maintenance

Facilities Maintenance covers a lot of ground and areas with very distinct cleaning needs. CLR PRO® cleaning products provide time-saving solutions with easy to use products that work right the first time. Many of our products are certified EPA Safer Choice, which helps create a safer, healthier environment for building occupants and staff.

Easy to use: Ready to use products eliminate the need for complicated dilution equipment and extensive training, while reducing the risk of accidental exposure.

Proven effective. The formulations of CLR PRO® line of products have a 50-year track record of top-performing cleaning power, from removing stubborn stains to everyday cleaning.

Cleans all areas. Reduce the number of chemicals on-site with multi-surface and multi-application cleaners. From kitchens and cafeterias to parking lots and lobbies, CLR PRO® has solutions to quickly and safely clean all areas of your facility.

Safe ingredients. Custodians are particularly susceptible to health problems from frequent exposure to toxic cleaning chemicals. CLR PRO® products contain no harsh chemicals, like ammonia, phosphates, or alcohol. And are readily biodegradable, non-abrasive, and have little-to-no VOCs.

Supports sustainability goals: Many of the CLR PRO® products carry the EPA Safer Choice label, which helps meet LEED standards.

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