How to clean hard water stains

One problem we constantly hear involves water stains in toilets. Ann from Newtown, Connecticut contacted us after she used CLR® Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover in her toilet. “I wanted to let you know we tried CLR on our horrible rust/hard water stains in the toilet. We have hard water and for years have been plagued with icky looking rings. With scrubbing, our toilets are now white and no other product has been able to do that. Thanks.”

As Ann discovered, CLR is a great way to clean away calcium and lime deposits as well as scale and rust from your toilet. Our product works best if applied directly to the affected stains undiluted. For stains, at or below the water line, we recommend removing the water from the bowl. Apply the CLR directly to the stains using a damp cloth, sponge or pouring a small amount in the bottom, brush using either a pumice stone or stiff scrub brush for two minutes, then flush the toilet.

Repeat this process if necessary. For stains above the water line, you do not have to remove the water and can apply the CLR to the stains, scrub then flush the toilet after two minutes.

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