How to clean every part of your boat

The end of the summer season is when you will want to clean every inch of your boat to get it in ship-shape for the next time you put it in the water. Christy, our 5th CLR 101 Uses contest winner from Springfield, MO, writes...

I use CLR on my boat and trailer after we pull it out of the lake. It easily removes the grime from the lake that builds up on it if you don't remove it properly.

It’s important to remember to clean the grime off your boat before it builds up and creates a much bigger problem. A boat that is poorly cared for leads to less rest and more stress. Some boat owners go overboard when cleaning their boat, spending more time cleaning and polishing than actually enjoying the boat for what it was intended.

Experts say that the trick is to work “smarter, not harder” when it comes to boat care. Be sure to choose cleaning brushes that are sturdy enough to scrub away dirt, grime, and salt, yet soft enough to prevent damaging the finish. Brushes with long handles are better for you in the long run because it keeps your bending down to a minimum and, by extension, lowers your risk of developing back pain. If you would rather not deal with too much scrubbing, a pressure washer can be used but is not required.

Since a boat attracts many types of messes on a wide variety of surfaces, make sure you have the right product for parts of the boat you’re cleaning. Don’t forget check your boat again when it comes out of winterization as you may find spots that need cleaning before you set it the water again.


Fiberglass and Stainless Steel Parts

Use CLR® Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover— for gunk that can build-up on components of your boat. When it comes to cleaning stainless steel parts like your boat ladder, cleats, cup holders, and connector flanges. You can also use it to keep your boat’s fiberglass body clean and smooth. A clean hull can help reduce drag by providing a smooth surface so your boat can move easier through the water… saving you gas! Just mix equal amounts of CLR with warm water, apply directly to the surface and rinse with cold water. 

Vinyl Seats

Use CLR® Outdoor Furniture Cleaner—A specially formulated, non-abrasive formula removes outdoor dirt and grime quickly and easily from the vinyl and canvas on your boat. It’s pet safe and contains UV protectants to shield surfaces from fading and discoloration. Just spray, let soak to allow dirt to loosen, then wipe clean with a cloth or sponge. Then rinse with cool, clean water.

Tough Stains on Fabric or Deck Carpet:

Use CLR® Stain Magnet—An all-purpose, multi-surface stain remover compromised of an eco-friendly formula removes tough water stains and spots. And when you're done with your boat, you can use CLR Stain Magnet for your home. It’s great for painted walls, hardwood floors, baseboards, glass, metal, brick, concrete, marble, laminated countertops, and more.

Mold or Mildew:

Use CLR® Mold & Mildew Clear—A safer and more effective cleaner than bleach, you can use it for tough mold or mildew stains on vinyl and fabric surfaces. The foam sprayer was designed to give you a more direct application preventing splash back as well as mold spores from spreading in the air— spray and wipe.

Winterizing your boat is a thorough process; however, it is just as important to check your work before you bring your boat out for the season. Check every part of your boat before putting it back in the water and clean with CLR Products as necessary.

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