Remove hard water deposits from lawn sprinklers
Who says the lawn is greener on the other side of the fence? Not Carol, from Riverside County, California. Our second winner of the CLR 101 Uses Contest writes, "I use it CLR to refresh my outdoor sprinklers in the spring. It clears the hard water deposits and helps them work well.” 
How to restore bike chains to like-new with CLR®.
Bryan, from Ohio, our first winner of the CLR 101 Uses Contest writes, “I use CLR on my bicycle chain once a year to remove any surface rust and keep the chain spot free.” Spring is here and it’s time to make sure your bikes are ready to hit the road!
How to keep spots off your clothes from hard water
Dolores from New York writes, "When I wash clothes sometimes there are spots on the clothes. Would using CLR help clean the washing machine?" In time, calcium deposits can build up on the inside of washing machines causing unsightly spots on clothes.
How to clean your showerhead
When you take a shower does it feel as if the water stream is not as strong as it once was? It’s not your water pressure.
How to clean bathtub funk
I have lived in my rental home for 3 years now and I’ve battled Cleaning bathtub funk the whole time. I have used everything for bathtubs and nothing worked.
How to clean your shower doors
It took the hard water residue off of my glass shower doors and bench in an acrylic shower with ease. Removed hard water residue from the bathroom sink.
How to clean your washing machine
John from Shawnee, Oklahoma was facing an expensive repair bill when someone told him about CLR Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover. “I had a washer that was not working very well. It was gonna cost $200 to $300 to fix.
How to clean tarnish from a bell
Have you ever received a family heirloom, packed it away and then decided to display it later? Alicia contacted us after she cleaned her father’s Navy bell. “I’ve had the bell in my possession for the last 16 years and this is the first time we’ve polished it in that time.
How to clean your boat seats
I had to clean up the boat before storing it last weekend. After trying a bleach based formula with no luck I bought the CLR brand cleaner.
How to clean hard water from stained glass
If the glass has been colored in the processing of the glass and not painted or coated after manufacture, CLR is safe to use on the glass only.
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